Some Uni work

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Its DONE!!!! The Final picture for my PDP and explanation.

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This is my final piece to my PDP on what I think a designer is.  I wanted to expresses this through an illustration and keeping it simple yet effective and also to make you think.  The odd cauliflower thing in the middle symbolizes the brain.  When you cut a cauliflower in half it resembles the brain when cut in half, and is where most of a designers thought processes comes from, it is where your imagination comes to life spreading legs and running off in all directions and this explains the boots (because you need a good pair if your imagination takes you off on a run) and on the souls of the boots cities and nature in black to interpenetrate mud/whereing down and showing on where these boots have been and are going to go.  But the meaning of my image is more than a metifore  but more of a expression of what I think a designer is and dose….. they think of ways to make you think and question about the world around you.

Finished toys breif

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Colours to my toy breif :)

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Artist of the Day 10/05/10

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Brain grimwood

Artist of the day is Brain Grimwood, with his perky simple lined doodles and limited colour palate he makes a good example on how even tho most simplest things can look very effective and detailed, so there you go, the artist of the day :D.

Artist of the Day

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Well today’s artist is more of a collaboration it is a group called Ilovedust and their bright fresh colours and amazing digital work was what original caught my eye and when I looked in to the picture more i saw how bold the lay out is. So enjoys today’s artist 😀


The Origin of a Designers mind

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I was layed in bed last night thinking about where dose the designer, in fact every body come up with the way they all think from simple tasks to brushing their hair to working out maths problems we all have something in common … The brain the same thing we was all born with ( yes this could be questioned at some people) but yes more or less we all have one.  So i looked in to some of the psychology parts of it and that didn’t give me the creative way of going about it and yes i found out that surten people use surten parts of the brain and it kinda explains why they are the way they are with out bring in the nature nurture augment, so I did the childish way and went and found pictures and believe it or not it inspired me and yes some are a bit ewww but just the scans are with intrest me the most the way its shaped and the colouring.

Brain :p